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Who is it for?

There are many reasons people seek massage - releasing muscle tension, easing joint pain, improving mood or posture, addressing long term health issues such as digestive disorders, headaches, and nerve function.

A one off massage can be a wonderful treat; regular treatments bring long lasting benefits. 

Whatever your reason, get in touch and we will work out a course of treatment that feels right for you.

Muscle pain?

Massage can help relieve tension from hardworking muscles.

Anxious? Tired? Stressed?

Massage can help restore calm and relaxation short and long term.


Massage can help reduce inflammation, stimulate recovery, and relieve compensating muscles.

Caring for others?

Massage is an excellent way to care for yourself.

On a personal journey?

Massage helps to provide you with information about your physical and emotional body.

What is massage therapy?

Massage for physical, emotional and physiological release from short and long term conditions, tailored to your individual needs.

Massage affects the physical body 

Smoothing and kneading muscle helps tight muscles relax and inactive muscles activate. It allows the body to recreate an efficient balance between muscles.

Stimulating the flow of blood and lymph brings oxygen and nutrients to cells and takes away toxins.

Massage can be used to affect skeletal muscle including those used for breathing, the digestive tract, the skin, and more.


It stimulates the autonomic and parasympathetic nervous system helping you to relax and restore a healthy balance of hormones for improved mood and natural functions such as digestion, breathing, and immune response.

Massage helps develop body awareness and reset old habits

Sometimes the simple process of touch can be enough to create new awareness, and physical and emotional release in the body. Sometimes communication between client and practitioner aids this process. Practical support and self care ideas assist long term postural and lifestyle changes.

Each session begins with a consultation to discover what you want from the massage on that day. The consultation includes a medical history, to ensure that the massage and the techniques used are safe for you. I can assess your postural muscle patterns, and activation of different muscle chains to provide further useful information about a beneficial approach. We then agree on a treatment plan.

Massage can take place fully or partially clothed, as is comfortable for you and suitable to our agreed treatment plan.


For treatments focussed on pain reduction and improving range of movement I advise you to bring thin shorts and for ladies a vest or bra top. Treatment may involve movement.

For skin to skin treatments draping will be used effectively and discreetly; only the area being massaged will be un-draped at any time.

I will be out of the room whilst you get ready.

Communication and feedback is encouraged but not required throughout the massage to ensure that the client remains comfortable, the massage is effective for the agreed treatment, and maximum benefit is achieved.

The session ends with an opportunity to review the treatment, and some options for ongoing self-care.                             07902 040 969                 
St Briavels
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